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My passion is to share knowledge. My three self-published books focus on helping and preventing others from the pitfalls in life. Therefore, I would like to share my pitfalls, reason for returning to earn a living as an Independent Contractor, and my discovery in the process.

From an early age I found that my ethics and the need to do the right thing consistently was not the norm. Every job I received as a young adult, I experienced managers who were intimidated by my ethics. I found that no matter how good I performed on the job, I was never given the recognition I deserved. I found managers wanted respect but would never return it to me.

To understand them and myself, I returned to school to obtain my degree. In 2005, I completed my bachelor’s degree. I was hoping still that the managers I encounter would give me the respect and recognition I gave to them. I found that my coworkers recognized my skills and abilities but my managers would not give me the recognition and status. Therefore, I returned to school to obtain my MBA.

Afterwards, I finally realized that it does not matter the task I perform or how well I performed it. Finally, I understood that the managers knew I would not play the brown-nose game. Finally, I understood that they needed someone they could control. Finally, I understood that they knew I would not compromise my ethics to perform in the manner they needed to obtain the revenue they wanted.

Therefore, I became an Independent Contractor. I began to search for organizations that wanted to focus on doing the right thing consistently. For a while, I was successful. I was earning over $70K per year.

However, it was exhausting marketing my abilities. You find that many organizations are not available. Sometimes, you may wonder about the saying ‘it is not what you know but who you know.’ Also, you may begin to wonder if you were black-balled by your previous managers. If we are honest with ourself, we learn that managers do not like us when they cannot control us.

I want to educate future employees that some managers cannot be trusted. I want future employees to understand that you do not have to become a full-time employee. I want future full-time employees to understand that the more ethical you are, the harder it will be to find a good employer. I want future employees to believe that they do not have to succumb to the unfairness I experienced on the job. Many of us are tired of the meanness, rudeness, unprofessionalism, corruption, dishonesty, and unfairness we receive as an employee from our managers, coworkers, and owners of the company. What is the solution?

One thing you must do is become educated academically and professionally. I recommend that you return to school and obtain your bachelor’s degree. Then, settle for the part-time jobs that will allow you to pay your bills. As a part-time employee, you do not have to succumb to all of the negativity and corruption of the organization or the employer; your focus would be to complete your task.

I want to work from the comfort of my home office. What do you want?

Written By Trina Jordan

Trina Jordan is a passionate person who enjoys sharing knowledge. With her writing, she hopes to help preteens and teens learn the value of education. In addition, she believes strongly that many people face dark moments in their life. Her writings address those moments and share hope.

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