So far, I wrote 3 books to educate teens and adults using my life experiences. I wrote about education, boyfriends, girlfriends (difference between sisterly girlfriends), dating, and marriage.

How To Live: Change your path: Learn from my mistakes

You should know yourself, know your fiancé, and be comfortable in the relationship at all times.If you find yourself making excuses for his misbehaving, you will be making excuses every day of your marriage to him.

How To Live: Preteens: Trust Your Guts

If you are struggling to understand a subject, you need to put away your fears and ask for help from a school member, such as a teacher, guidance counselor, or a principal.

How To Live: To Live is Hard; Never Give up

Those of you who are finding life is hard, you have to ask yourself why. Maybe it is because of the people you deal with. Or, is it because you feel alone and have no one to turn to? The truth is that you have someone to turn to; however, your pride is preventing you from contacting that person.

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